January 5, 2008

C-, My Ass

Matt (I’m in a daze) Hayes of The Sporting News doesn’t like our choice of Bo Pelini for head coach.

Nebraska: Bo Pelini, C-. The depth of failure in the Bill Callahan era: an abominable showing on the field, fear of change off it. You don’t settle for Pelini because he spent one year in Lincoln and knows “the Nebraska way.”

When Jim Grobe says he wants to hire his own staff, you say “whatever you want” and close the deal.

I try to make it a habit not to engage in ignorant discussions, but I’ll make an exception here.

We didn’t “settle” for Pelini. He is the right fit at the right time in Husker history. As for Grobe hiring his own staff, we just went down that road. Dazed Hayes may not like it, but the combined efforts of Osborne and Pelini makes for a powerful team that will return us to national prominence. And it will happen our way, inside the cornbelt.

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