September 21, 2007

I’m A Man

Chicago performs “I’m A Man” on Top of the Pops, January 1970.

The MyTubes is also offering “Saturday In The Park” from 1972.

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  1. Great Picture. McSorley’s Tavern in the Village no doubt. It’s been there since 1850 and looks pretty much the same. A great place for an Irish guy or not to go have a few “(barley) pops.”

  2. My fathers’ name was Paul Braverman, the NY Times made a mistake!

  3. Thank you…I’m still working on the NYT.

    Did you know the CD got a Grammy nomination for Best Historical Album! I’m glad he got to hear the cd of the original wires before he died and that thrilled him, the Grammy…he’d have plotzed!

  4. Thank you Vicki for your updates and congrats on the Grammy nomination for your dad’s work. That’s terrific news. I hope it wins.


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