The Omaha World-Herald checks in on Harrison Beck, the QB sensation from Clearwater, FL who abruptly left the program last August amid rumors and unchecked speculation. From his comments, it sounds like he’s ready to play football again.

“I just had to change my outlook on everything,” Beck said. “When I was there, I don’t know what it was, what happened to me. It’s hard to explain. I just had to learn to enjoy playing football again and everything that comes with it.

“I’m a different dude now when it comes to football. I don’t know if something clicked in my head or a light turned on or what. I’m just in a better state of mind now.”

Beck is now preparing to compete for the starting QB postion at his new schoolâ??NC State.

The article points out that Beck can walk around Raleigh unnoticed, something he could not do in Lincoln. He’s quoted as saying, “[there is] no place in the country like Nebraska when it comes to football.”

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