Atlanta Constitution-Journal staff writer Bill Sanders spoke to Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville about his team’s upcoming Cotton Bowl game.

Q: Nebraska. Just the name gets you ready for football, doesn’t it?

A: Yeah, it really does. They’ve got a lot of tradition. They love football there. I coached against them three times when I was at Miami and was always impressed with the passion they had.

Q: But does this generation of Auburn players realize just how special Nebraska once was?

A: There’s been a little drop-off while they were looking for a new identity, a new philosophy. And no, our players are not as up to date on them as we coaches and older fans are. But our players are pretty intent on focusing on playing different universities and schools, and Nebraska is one of top ones over the last 25 years.

Nebraska won the first of its five national championships in 1970â??36 years ago. And the program has been winning BIG since coach Bob Devaney’s arrival in 1962â??44 years ago. But who’s counting?

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