Attention Multi-Culturalists…There’s A War On

by | Sep 18, 2005

A group of right wing Christian soldiers wants to take South Carolina. And these Cailfornia-based idealogues are already talking about secession from the union as a legitimate goal, a road the Palmetto State has already been down.

Fox News: Nearly 140 years after the Civil War, another group of Americans wants to secede from the union.

Christian Exodus, a California-based group, wants God to be its commander in chief. Decrying what it perceives as the unjust secularization of the United States, it wants a sovereign state of its own.

But rather than eye the Golden State — a “lost cause,” says the group’s founder — it’ll settle for South Carolina.

Cory Burnell, Christian Exodus’ founder and president, told FOX News that the group narrowed its focus to the Bible Belt state based on an electorate that is already “Christian-leaning,” has its own ports and — unlike its neighbor North Carolina — is no hub of liberalism.

Christian Exodus’ mission, according to its Web site, is to scrap the “tyrannical authority” of federal government in favor of a constitutional republic, with the Ten Commandments rather than the U.S. Constitution as government’s guide.

Phase One of the group’s “plan of action” in breaking down the wall between church and state is to enlist groups of 1,000 members to move into 12 designated House districts in South Carolina, with the goal of voting 12 “Christian sovereigntists” into the state government by 2008.

If by 2016 group leaders have not achieved the kind of government they want, Christian Exodus will throw down the gauntlet and seek independence.

Direct from the horse’s mouth: is coordinating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of re-establishing Godly, constitutional government. It is evident that the U.S. Constitution has been abandoned under our current federal system, and the efforts of Christian activism to restore our Godly republic have proven futile over the past three decades. The time has come for Christians to withdraw our consent from the current federal government and re-introduce the Christian principles once so predominant in America to a sovereign State like South Carolina. offers the opportunity to try a strategy not yet employed by Bible-believing Christians. Rather than spend resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, we will redeem States one at a time. Millions of Christian conservatives are geographically spread out and diluted at the national level. Therefore, we must concentrate our numbers in a geographical region with a sovereign government we can control through the electoral process. is orchestrating the move of thousands of Christians to reacquire our Constitutional rights and, if necessary to attain these rights, dissolve our State’s bond with the union.

The hippies tried to do a similar thing (minus the secession scheme) with Wyoming–the nation’s least populous state–thirty five years ago. It didn’t work.