Athens Gothic

by | May 26, 2007

An Acquarium Drunkard picked up on Flagpole’s piece on Athens, GA-based singer-songwriter, Daniel Hutchens.

Here’s how the hometown paper describes Hutchens’ solo effort from last year:

Daniel Hutchens’ 2006 solo release may be called Love Songs For Losers, but the collection of shadowy ghost songs and unfiltered rock and roll is a safe bet for the most striking collection of songs from Hutchens thus far. The Chase Park Transduction sessions inspired, among others, songs about reincarnation, birth with eventual death and the significance of blood – the hardcore stuff, y’know, no songs about finding your angry inner man-child here.

The 13-track solo album was released on Autumn Tone Records and can be purchased at the iTunes store.

Fellow Athens rockers Widespread Panic play a handful of Hutchens’ compositions, including “End of the Show,” “Success Yourself,” “Quarter Tank of Gasoline,” “Who Do You Belong To?” and “Henry Parsons Died.”