Mule 4:20

by | Apr 21, 2002

Gov’t Mule

Four Twenty with the Mule! That’s pretty much what it’s all about, which is why I drove 5.5 hours NE to Minneapolis for Mule’s show at the historic State Theatre on Hennepin. The band featured a new ineup, with two members of Black Crowes–Audley Freed on guitar and Andy Hess on bass. Also on bass in the second set was former Metallica member Jason Newsted–hence the nomikers, “Muletallica” and “Black Mule.” Both nights (4/21 in Madison, WI) took off when Jason came on stage. He brought energy and power and it felt very much like the Mule when he was out there. Although, his head was bangin’ a bit much for my tatstes. But cosmetic defaults (if I can be so bold to call it that) can be overlooked, if not overcome. With Jason up there Mule kicked the shit out “Sweet Leaf,” “War Pigs,” and on Sunday in Madison, “Dazed and Confused,” by Led Zep for only the 3rd time ever (first post-Woody).