2012—The Year In Place

by | Dec 27, 2012

Oregon, as great as it is, is a long ways from a lot of people we love. Which means we must travel to our people, and the special places where they reside.

Of course, we were not able to go everywhere and see everyone during 2012, but we did spend time with family and friends in northern California, the mountains of Colorado, the Utah desert and of course here in the beautiful Beaver State.

Here’s a run down of the year in place, a.k.a. the places (other than home) where I* spent at least one night in 2012:

  • Brownsville, OR
  • Gold Beach, OR
  • Boonville, CA
  • Tiburon, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Jacksonville, OR
  • Allenspark, CO
  • Broomfield, CO
  • Bend, OR
  • Otter Rock, OR
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Rockville, UT

My trip to Rockville, Utah earlier this month was a special visit to an incredible and sacred place. Rockville is a small town just a few miles from the west entrance to Zion National Park. My host and close friend, D.K., was right to remind me that we had moved (in D.K.’s all wheel drive Audi) from the basin-and-range topography of north and central Utah, to the grandeur of the Colorado plateau. To see the desert snow-covered in December, and with so few visitors to the area, was a treat I won’t soon forget.

*Darby went on all these travels too, except the December trip to Utah.

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