I’m a guy. Therefore, other guys expect me to be like them (a guy’s guy). But, I have never been that guy, a fact that disappoints some men, and makes a certain percentage of them afraid of me. Many men expect other men to understand their need for sexual conquest, and to have their backs. […]

“What do you do?” It’s the age-old question that is always lurking, waiting to be asked at the next industry conference, cocktail party, and/or random encounter on an airplane. In one way, the question is innocent and a genuine attempt to understand more about you. On the other hand, it’s a moment of truth where […]

Chris Brogan has unleashed a meme, or narrative construct, that helps sum up what you want to work on, change or improve in the coming year. My friend, Dian Crawford, is participating in #mythreewords. Her three words are “Velocity, Simplicity and Laughter.” I had to consider my three words for a bit, but eventually landed […]

I’m starting a new email newsletter for paid subscribers. No, I have not gone mad, I’m merely inspired to pursue various strategies that pay me to write, edit and publish. Why would you want to invite me into your inbox like this? And why would I bother to charge for the content and effort needed […]

Fred Wilson is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures, a venture capital firm. He writes the popular “A VC” blog (“musing of a VC in NYC”), and has invested in numerous game-changing tech companies, including Twitter, del.icio.us, Etsy, and FeedBurner. I’ve been reading his blog off and on for years, but have never seen […]

Portland author Donald Miller has some thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. I’ve discovered something better than resolutions. If you’ve read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, you know I’ve reorganized my life into stories rather than goals. I don’t have any problem with goals. I like goals and still set them. But without an […]

…the cult of the individual has caused the commonwealth to wither. – Roger Cohen Roger Cohen of The New York Times wrote a splendid op-ed on the culture of Wall Street and how the nation needs to move beyond this epoch of unchecked greed into something better, something wholesome and sustainable. The leverage party’s over […]

My heart is heavy today, for an old friend lost his little boy to cancer last night. Mason’s story is a heartbreaking one. It’s also a story of immense courage, compassion, love, family, community, soccer and more. Thanks to the generosity, eloquence and untiring bravery of Mason’s parents, we can all share in this boy’s […]

My good friend, David Keller, a.k.a. The Deacon of Freakin’, took part in a debate at University of Utah on April 13th. The topic for the evening: “Is God Necessary for Ethics?” Three hundred people filled the room to hear the philosophical discourse, affriming the topic’s top-of-mind place in our most religious of states. The […]